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Thenmala Attractions

Thenmala is India’s first programmed eco-tourism destination. Placed in the foothills of the Western Ghats, in Kollam district,  at Kerala. Thenmala is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A government-managed department, this different destination gives surpassing events for adventure and relaxation, along with being one with nature. The Thenmala Dam is a famous ecotourism spot in Kerala. The Dam takes the largest storage in the state, which covers the heart of the Chenduruny Wildlife sanctuary. It is the second biggest irrigation project in Kerala.

Thenmala Attractions

Thenmala Attractions

It’s an ideal spot for any and every type of vacation seeker and offers lush green forests, butterfly safaris, musical dancing fountains, and adventure activities such as trekking, hiking and night camping. wbpsc and metdental.

Eco-friendly tourism is the next step in responsible tourism and the Thenmala Eco Tourism area centers on preserving, preserving and even developing the environment. Situated in the Kollam district of Kerala, Thenmala really translates to ‘honey hill’. The area was once very famous for its honey that was considered to have remedial qualities.

A peaceful area apart from the city, Thenmala is a beautiful fusion of popular forest living and modern design. It grants a never-ending list of temptations,  Spread over acres of evergreen forests, Thenmala has been separated into three main zones, individual with a special theme – Culture Zone, Leisure Zone, and Adventure Zone.

If you desire to break free of travel’s stops, then travel to Thenmala for an adventure that is unique and extraordinary. myfedloan


.Culture Zone

The culture zone at Thenmala directs on showcasing the greatest of Kerala’s cuisine, Attractions


  1. Soft trekking: A supervised trip of the nearby wildlife sanctuary that keeps you on its outside, instead of traveling inside.
  2. Butterfly safari: A guided tour of the Butterfly Park give you an opportunity of seeing many species of butterflies in their natural environment. You also study about the plants that work as hostesses for butterflies that live in this small park.
  3. Musical dancing fountain: An open-air fountain that makes a synchronized choreography of water, sound & light to generate enchanting sight

Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone is the excellent spot for unenjoyment. Rock climbing,  flying fox,  river crossing, mountain biking and archery, elevated walkway,  and short range shooting are the activities

Leisure Zone

The Leisure Zone is a pathway readjusted for enjoying the nature nearby you in all its glory.


  1. Hanging Bridge and Sculpture Garden: A Hanging Bridge, one of its kind in South

Thenmala Parappar Dam and Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary are both part of the Leisure Zone and only a short distance away from the hotel.

Thenmala Parappar Dam:

It is the second biggest irrigation project in Kerala and has the biggest storage

Palaruvi Waterfall

This beautiful  Palaruvi Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Kerala, Palaruvi means ‘a river of milk’. Covered in the green embrace of a tropical rainforest, the waterfall flows from a 300 feet high rocky drop to a natural pool.


Deer Rehabilitation Centre

Thenmala’s Deer Rehabilitation Centre serves to save, nurture and restore deer that stray out of the forest. anyror

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary:

This is a protected space and a home to unique birds, vipers and vivid foliage. Located inside the sanctuary is a tropic treehouse, f


Accommodation At Thenmala

They have 5 different types of accommodation.

  1. The Bee Hive is a big dormitory with shared washrooms. The price is Rs. 140 a night for Indians and Rs. 300 for foreigners.


  1. The Honey Comb is a cluster of budget homes. For Indian visitors, the prices are Rs. 700 for Non-AC rooms and Rs. 980 for AC cottages on weekdays. Rs. 1000 for Non-AC and Rs. 1400 for AC cottages on holidays and weekends. For international visitors, the prices are Rs. 1600 and Rs. 2000 for Non-AC and AC cottages.


  1. Koodu is canopy huts on four poles with attached washrooms and balconies. Charges are Rs. 1400 on weekdays, Rs. 2000 on holidays and weekends and Rs. 2400 for international visitors.
  2. The Cocoon or as they locally call it ‘jungle camping’ is a Swiss cottage tent with an attached bathroom and closets in the tent. They have double and triple occupancy options. Prices are Rs. 1400 on weekdays, Rs. 2000 on holidays and weekends and Rs. 2400 for international visitors.
  3. The Nest is a group of Swiss cottage tents that are pitched near the riverfront. All facilities are the same as the Cocoon but the view of the river is what makes these tents more attractive. The prices are Rs. 1820 on weekdays, Rs. 2600 on weekends and holidays and Rs. 3000 for international visitors.

The nearest airport is in Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram.



Munnar Best Hill Station

Athirappally Waterfalls


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