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Jatayu Adventure Center

Jatayu Adventure Center

Adventure Center at Jadayu para is located in Chadayamangalam,  a place 50 km away from Trivandrum, Kerala is a newcomer in the Indian Tourism map. The place is an excellent combination of art, mythicism, technology, culture, adventure, leisure, and wellness put together to give every guest a spellbinding experience. An excellent feast to your eyes, the world’s biggest bird carving is the pleasure of Mr. Rajiv Anchal’s years of passion. To improve the knowledge of mythology get experienced at the virtual reality gallery and the theater magic, presenting the tale of the mythical bird Jatayu and its period. State of the Art ropeway will carry you to the top of the rock. Get a bird’s eye appearance of “Gods Own Country” through the eyes of the bird sculptor. Enjoy the scenic attraction of a helicopter pleasure ride. Explore the multi menus at the picturesque view food court. Feel an adrenaline race at the biggest adventure park within the normal area. Give a relaxation to your senses at Sidha Cave Healing Center. Gratify in the most dreamy moonlit dinner with your beloved ones. And a lot more that will mingle you into nature’s miracles.


The large concrete statue of Jatayu is built on a rock named Jatayupara. The huge statue is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet tall, making it the biggest working bird sculpture in the earth with an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Jatayu Adventure Center

Jatayu Adventure Center

Jatayu Adventure Center Activities


This  Center offers you adventure freaks with a variety of modern adventure sports and games. The Adventure Center stimulating natural settings are suite for personal and group activities.



The Creativity oriented game zone is particularly made to teach you skills of management like teamwork, communication under pressure, leadership, strategic planning and of course its thrilling!



The beauty of the valley can be seen with the help of a bridge made by high tension strands kept crossed over the shafts at a height of 56 feet and for a length of 17 meters, full of adventure.



Feel the nature by having an hour of trekking through the lush grass and greenery.


Another breathtaking one is commando net which is an exercise of speed balancing. The game got it name from the Army Corps training.



This is a challenge to climb a rock using your bare hands and shoes. If you lose balance will fall into a cushion. No worries.



You can fly through the ultra-strong steel zip line to feel the thrill and excitement.



Test your mind and body coordination as you dare yourself to complete tree rope courses. Here Your goal is to pass the 18-meter bridge while moving on all of the 8 metal boards placed proximate to each.




Test your courage and strength through this tough task to get a sense of achievement.



Climb up this 111 feet steep bare rock and have a stunning view of the landscape.



It’s fun walking in the hanging bridge suspended in two sturdy cables 30 feet high and you have to transverse 37 meters to finish.



It is an adventurous activity to break the falling in a controlled way with three rappelling sets ranging from 40 to 45 feet.



A climbing challenge. 82 feet tall natural rock is set to proffer some strong challenge to the climber.



Tent camping on the top of the hill in the open air to witness the wonders of the sky.



Climbing up the rock cleft applying the resistive pressure of hands, feet, knees, and back is truly a challenge



Climbing this 53 feet long vertical ladder dangling down the rock with 32 ranks need some determination and endurance.



Archery is to aim, shoot and achieve the target and can revise the goals to achieve more.



Firing on the target with bullets to get the thrill.




Balance is the key word when it comes to work and life. And those who learn to achieve it will reap the benefit. Balance yourself on the wobbly logs and move without getting topped.

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